Recital - This Saturday, April 14

The Studio Recital is THIS Saturday, April 14 at River Terrace Church in East Lansing (Address: 1509 River Terrace, East Lansing, MI 48823). Recital times are 9a and 11a. Admission is free and you are welcome to invite family and friends!

I sent an email yesterday with the information below as well as the the programs for each recital in .pdf form. Please check your “spam” folder if you haven’t received the email in your inbox. Also, please review the time and information of your student’s program and let me know of any errors by 8:00pm on Monday, April 9.

- Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your recital time; this is very important if you are one of the first 3 performers listed in the program!
- Attire: please wear “dressy casual” or above to the recital
- Upon arrival, drop off your post-recital refreshments in the gym (light, finger-type foods for at least 2-3 dozen people) – a highlight to many of the student performers!
- Proceed to the sanctuary/recital hall. Printed programs will be available by each recital hall entrance

- You are welcome to sit wherever you like during the performance, but remember to sit in the front row during the performance immediately preceding yours (if you are listed first in the your program, please be already seated in the front row at the beginning of the program)
- For your Performance: Walk around the bench, check your distance and take a deep breath! Take your time – no need to rush…. and whatever happens, keep on going – you are well-prepared!
- SMILE and bow at the end of your performance. :)

- Join us for the reception after each recital, and please keep food and drink in the gym, per the request of River Terrace’s staff. 
- If you are able to come early, stay between recitals, or stay after to help set up/clean up that would be very much appreciated. 
- Videos and pictures are allowed during the performance. Please be mindful of those around you. 
- Each recital will last approximately 80 minutes. Please stay for the entire program, per proper recital etiquette. If you have been in separate communication with me and you must leave early or during the program, please wait at least two performers after your student’s performance before leaving, and exit in between performances using only the back doors to exit. 
- Spring Semester sign up and registration will be available in the gym, and is also available online at Winter Semester begins the week of January 16, 2018. The Winter Semester class schedule, for the most part, will be a continuation of the this (Winter) Semester. 
- Have fun and help foster the atmosphere of encouragement and support for your student, as well as other students!! :)