Fall 2019 Enrollment and Registration Now Available

It may be hard to believe, but as summer is winding down, Fall schedules are ramping up! The 2019 Fall Semester begins Monday, September 9, and classes are now available for enrollment.  Enroll today to secure your spot this semester.  Here's how to enroll online:

  1. See what classes are available. Click on the "Classes" tab to see brief summaries of each class.

  2. Pick the right class for you. Click on the "Enroll" tab to see the semester schedule and when each class is offered. Then click on the class that works best for you and fill in the information blocks.

  3. Ensure your spot. Click the "Pay Now" button to either pay the semester deposit, or the full semester tuition. Paying the deposit will ensure your spot for the semester. Fill in the Student's name, the class day and time, and you are all set for the semester!

Don't know which class to enroll for, or you're a new student?  No problem!  Just send your questions by contacting us, or book an appointment for your FREE 15-minute consultation to find the best class for you or your student!