What happens if I miss a class due to illness, schedule conflict, etc.?

No problem! There are several options for you. Feel free to stop by the Piano Help Room to pick up your missed material and get caught up. You can also check to see if your same class is offered during another day of the week and let Ben know to see if you can attend. There are no special make-up sessions outside the regular Piano Help Room hours.

How do semester payments work?

Initially, you can either opt to pay the full $450 semester tuition up front or pay the $150 non-refundable deposit and pay the balance on a monthly schedule. If opt for the monthly schedule, three $100 payments are due on or before the 1st of each of the following 3 months. You are welcome to pay off your remaining balance at any time before the end of the semester. If you request it, an electronic invoice reminder will be sent to you prior to the payment due date. By submitting your registration and deposit, you are agreeing to pay the full semester payment of $450. If you choose to discontinue lessons at any time during the semester, full payment is still required.

What about Multi-Student Family Discounts?

For immediate family members with more than two or more students enrolled in the same semester there is a discount! See the discounted fee schedule below:
ONE student tuition cost - $450
TWO students per immediate family – $425/student (SAVE $50)
THREE students per immediate family – $400/student (SAVE $150)
FOUR or MORE students per family – $375/student (SAVE at least $300)

What class should my student(s) enroll in?

Here is the general class progression:

  • Early Beginners Piano (Grades K-2, or 0 years of piano), or Later Beginners Piano (Grades 3-6, 0 years of piano)

  • Elementary Piano (Grades 1-3, or 1-2 years of Piano)

  • Intermediate Piano (Grades 4-6, or 3-4 years of piano)

  • Middle School Piano (Grades 6-8, or 5-6 years of piano)

  • High School Piano (Grades 9-12, or 6 or more years of piano)

If you are still unsure of what class is best for your student, please schedule a free 15-minute consultation for a class assessment.

Are private lessons offered?

Private lessons are available for students:

  • that would like to join mid-semester as an “on-ramp” to join the group class at the beginning of the following semester

  • without previous piano experience and would like to try out a few lessons before joining a group class

  • where the offered classes for the semester do not fit in their schedule

Private lessons are given by Instructor Mary Gossell, are 30-minutes in length (unless special arrangements are made) and can have a different fee schedule than semester tuition.

Where is the studio located?

The address is 2160 Commons Parkway in Okemos. It is near the corner of Jolly Rd. and Okemos Rd.

How can I schedule an appointment?

You can either use the contact page on this website, or click on the “Book Appointment” button to see a schedule of available times.

How do I pay my remaining balance online?

There are several ways you can pay online. There is a dropdown menu at the bottom of each page on the website where you can choose to submit a predetermined amount. You can also pay your remaining balance by going to PayPal.com and logging into your account; then, click on the “Send Money” tab, type in “ben@diazschoolofpiano.com” as the recipient, and enter the amount you would like to send.

What should I know leading up to the studio recitals?

Here is some helpful information for the day of the recital:

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your recital time; this is very important if you are one of the first 3 performers listed in the program!

  • Attire: please wear “dressy casual” or above to the recital :)

  • Upon arrival, drop off your post-recital refreshments in the gym (light, finger-type foods for at least 2-3 dozen people) – a highlight to many of the student performers!

  • Proceed to the sanctuary/recital hall. Printed programs will be available by each recital hall entrance

  • STUDENTS: You are welcome to sit wherever you like during the performance, but remember to sit in the front row during the performance immediately preceding yours (if you are listed first in the your program, please be already seated in the front row at the beginning of the program)

  • For your Performance: Walk around the bench, check your distance and take a deep breath! Take your time – no need to rush…. and whatever happens, keep on going – you are well-prepared!

  • SMILE and bow at the end of your performance. :)

  • Join us for the reception after each recital, and please keep food and drink in the gym, per the River Terrace staff’s request.

  • Videos and pictures are allowed during the performance.

  • Each recital will last approximately 90 minutes. You are strongly encouraged to stay for the entire program, per proper recital etiquette. If you have been in separate communication with me and you must leave early or during the program, please exit in between performances and use only the back doors.

  • Semester sign up and registration will be available in the gym, and is also available online at diazschoolofpiano.com

  • Have fun and help foster the atmosphere of encouragement and support for your student, as well as other students!! :)

How did Diaz School of Piano get started?


New Student?

Looking to schedule a new student consultation with Ben this coming semester? Click on the the “Book Appointment” button and schedule your appointment today!